Warm HQ

formerly a marketing automation SaaS startup, now a two-person tech consultancy from James Gallichio (tech) and Reana Gallichio (CX/UX/PM).

This is the Jame Gallichio part:

What I build: apps, websites, back-end systems, marketing automation, sysadmin and more

Technologies: React Native (6 years), React.js (8 years), Node.js (10 years), Javascript (15 years)

Platforms: AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud

Availability: Contract work on a day rate, 5 days a week available from March 2024, prefarably 3-6 months contracts.

Recent Experience:

Lots of long and short contracts since 2010, here are the most recent

  • 2023: Mello - Orygen Digital. Solo full-stack developer and product manager. An app for young people who struggle with depression and anxiety.
  • 2022: Thriday - Contract lead app developer. Led a team of 5 remote devs on a React Native banking app project
  • 2021: Mello - Orygen Digital. Built a prototype of Mello in React Native and NodeJS that would be used for a clinical research trial by the University of Melbourne
  • 2018-2021: goodwork by Reece. Lead back-end engineer, developed a back end microservices platform for a ~60k user social network using NodeJS, Serverless, IAM/Cognito, DynamoDB and Lambda
  • 2010-2017: A heap of freelance full-stack web projects including a ticketing platform for live music, a betting agency e-sport live streaming service, an augmented reality platform/app, a marketing automation platform. I also did a 2 year stint with General Assembly in marketing and business development.

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